The Internet likes authenticity, honest brands and true stories. Sit back comfortably and listen to the story of Autentika.

Since 2005 we have been putting together a team which has the ability to undertake very ambitious both web & mobile projects. Every month over 4 million users take advantage of the effects of our work.

It makes us happy to hear our clients say we are one of the few agencies in Poland with the ability to combine technological advancement with great care for design and UX. We simply believe that only the right combination of those elements can actually influence today’s internet users and their behaviors.
Before we make an offer we must be sure that we will bring significant added value to the project and deliver all set goals. Only then do we propose solutions which simply have to work.

We put a lot of effort into being in constant communication with our clients. We listen, we ask and we are available when required.


Since our very first project we have based our activities on clear and simple foundations.

We value our ability to sleep well at night and though this may sound trivial, a clear conscience is important to us. What we say is always true. You don’t have to take our word for it. It’s quite simple to verify.
We do not work on projects which are in direct competition with our current clients. Technologies and solutions utilized in your project will never be offered to your competitors.
We do not complicate simple things. Our cooperation is clear - the contract, settlement, details of delivery - we always present simple terms.
In any case, only two parties take part in our projects - Autentika and the Client. We make no exceptions.


There are also additional advantages to working with us

We work remotely

We meet our clients all over Poland, while working remotely every day. After over 10 years, we have brought this model nearly to perfection.


We have all the competencies required to build our projects on the inside. We work with people who are permanently involved with Autentika.

Up to 20 people

Our team usually includes 20 people. We verified this and it seems to be the optimal team size to deliver on the requirements of our clients.

MamStartup & NowyMarketing

We have devised, created and managed magazines regarding startups and marketing. We have over 180 thousand readers per month.

Autentika Group

WellCommerce and GoApps are teams experienced at e-commerce and mobile.

WellCommerce is a team of experts creating custom-made e-commerce, while GoApps is a team of experts creating apps for iOS and Android platforms.

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We are known for building many innovative and successful startups. It’s quite an interesting story all together.



Our projects have been awarded in many competitions

Złota Strona Emitenta VIII
European Excellence Award
Internale 2010

Do you see us working on your project?

With great pleasure we will get back to you if you drop us a line. We are at your disposal.


Dozens of clients have trusted us so far - from corporations, to smaller firms and private investors.

Autentika confirmed the good opinions which I had heard about them before we started working together. To the point, reliable and honest.
Lots of respect to the team for delivering the project on such a short notice. We felt great engagement since day one.
Flexibility, true engagement and creativity demonstrated in this project were a great start to our long-lasting cooperation
Our employee community platform Małe Piwo was a challenge from the very beginning. Support from Autentika’s experts proved crucial to the final success of the project.
Reliable, timely, always available - the kind of partner I appreciate. The tool delivered by Autentika simply facilitates and expedites my work.
Cooperation with Autentika was perfect. The agency supported us with their creativity and competencies every step of the way.
We had the chance to cooperate on an interesting project - a video broadcasting platform. The knowledge and experience of Autentika made a great impression.
Ideal cooperation and a great level of service - all in line with our expectations.
leroy merlin
Engagement, attitude and quality delivered by Autentika proved it was the right choice of provider for several of our projects.
Sławomir Wójcik, Business Developer

Sławomir Wójcik

Business Developer

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