In 2005, when we had begun introducing innovative online projects, no one knew what a startup was. Years later it turned out we were among the first teams in Poland to introduce successful startups to the market.

We launched GoldenLine at a time when local internet was fast asleep, unaware of the coming breakthrough. Today, we still look at the dynamic growth we have generated with great satisfaction, as we laid its foundations with our own hands.
iThink, another one of our projects, became the flagship of citizen journalism in Poland. Thousands of engaged authors and a huge database of publications is unquestionable proof of success and a reason to be proud.
Gover got quite a buzz when we claimed that now anyone can see exactly what is going on in the Polish parliament. We wanted to contribute to civil society, and it is just what we have achieved. We’ve actually had members of parliament contact our editing team trying to justify their absences during votes...
Navigeo allowed us to dive into a different set of passions. As virtual travelers we have made many trips to farthest corners of the world - without even taking our slippers off.
With Blogbox, we assisted a community of users to follow thousands of Polish bloggers every day. We read them too, why not?
After work it’s time to relax with friends and… a good song! Karaokemania flooded the Polish internet thanks to Jak Elvis, another one of our projects. Since its launch we couldn’t imagine a good party without Elvis - just as thousands of budding stars singing with the use of this site.
Thanks to the Miss Polski license we had the unquestionable pleasure to create a platform where one of the stages of the most popular beauty contests in Poland took place. We can say, without exaggeration, that this was the most beautiful database in the country.
With the new car comparison site we’ve introduced a catalogue of all new car models on offer. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a cheap, small car, or a luxurious SUV - you’ll find what you need.
We took advantage of the popularity of discount codes by creating Hotprice.. Thanks to this platform you can make shopping less stressful, especially for your wallet. And you don’t even have to wait for the sale season.
Most of our projects were sold to known brands such as: Wirtualna Polska, Gruper, Onet, Wprost, CR Media, or Invest Concept.


We will analyze your idea and offer you different solutions, remembering about your business aims and user needs.

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