The most popular Polish blog on new technologies

Antyweb and its creator, Grzesiek Marczak, are icons of the Polish tech blog community.
A new version of the blog was unveiled to over 1.5M readers who visit the site every month for Antyweb’s 10th anniversary.

Analysis of the previous version:


Architecture and layout

In its final months it faced a heavy increase in the number of published articles. Antyweb’s layout did not fit the new dynamics of the blog, making it difficult to consume its content.

Advertising space

Along with the increase in the number of advertising campaigns carried out on the blog there came a need for new products and improvement of visibility of existing ads.

Technological gap

Antyweb’s software required a complete rebuild, as the possibility to add new functions was greatly limited.

Video content

A new addition to the editing team needed their dedicated space to publish their own video content.


Simply put, Antyweb’s users include two groups: returning visitors
and those who visit the site based on an impulse

Jacek, 22 y.o.


Fan of new technologies

The content published on Antyweb matches his interests. He visits the blog nearly every day looking for interesting content among newly published articles

He is mostly interested in:
  • Smartphones
  • Gaming laptops
  • E-sports
  • Polish startups
  • And anything else he finds interesting

Michał, 36 y.o.

Sales Manager

Reasonable and aware

When shopping he uses the internet looking for trustworthy opinions about gear, software or services. He reaches the blog from Google or through social media.

He is mostly interested in:
  • Information on whatever he is about to buy

Krzysiek, 40 y.o.

PR Specialist

Returning reader

Every few days he is in the need for an update on particular subjects within the field of new technologies. He cannot follow Antyweb daily, so he requires a list of topics to navigate.

He is mostly interested in:
  • iOS news
  • Apple news and gossip
  • Event reports


hours of work


devices to test RWD


speed increase of WordPress


size of the articles database


A publishing business includes two major groups of stakeholders - the editing team and the sales team. We had to find a solution to satisfy both sides at the stage of creating mockups and planning the information architecture



The clear and simple interface of the blog combines aesthetics with contemporary web design standards

antyweb-design-1 (2)antyweb-design-1 (2)
antyweb-design-2 (1)antyweb-design-2 (1)
antyweb-design-3 (1)antyweb-design-3 (1)
antyweb-design-4 (1)antyweb-design-4 (1)
antyweb-design-5 (1)antyweb-design-5 (1)
antyweb-design-6 (1)antyweb-design-6 (1)
antyweb-design-7 (2)antyweb-design-7 (2)


We spent a lot of time preparing solutions which allow the editing
and sales teams at Antyweb to work more efficiently

Adapted to the needs of the editing team

The editing team builds the homepage using many different elements (sections, tiles). This allows them to adapt the site to their current editorial and commercial requirements.

Fulfilling the requirements of business

The main tiles may be replaced in part or completely by an advertising banner.

Unlimited possibilities

We have prepared several kinds of themed sections which can be differentiated with colors.

Content is the king

We didn’t follow a typical template for a video subpage. Instead, we decided to move the film itself right to the top of the site, over the menu bar and the logotype.

Freedom of choice

3 content layouts allow editors to choose a format to suit the character of their publication: a news article, a featured article, a column.

Display advertising revenue


Product placement CTR



“I have known Autentika and their achievements for years, and I was still positively surprised by how this project was carried out. Complete engagement, enthusiasm, great ideas and comprehensive advice. I’m grateful, because we had some really difficult times trying to harness Antyweb’s old software. I recommend their services!”

Grzegorz Marczak, Antyweb Editor-in-Chief