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4 Jun 2023What’s included in newsroom software architecture? [INFOGRAPHIC]
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29 May 20236 pillars of editorial analytics at Mediahuis – with Yves Van Dooren
22 May 20237 lessons I have learned about digital transformation in newsrooms
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15 May 2023How to choose a text editor for a digital-first newsroom?
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24 Apr 2023The future of media: 5 experts weigh in on the impact of AI
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17 Apr 2023How do we conduct the discovery phase when working with a newsroom?
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11 Apr 20237 bitter pills (and one sweet) to swallow if you want AI in your newsroom
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3 Apr 2023Let’s cut through the noise: Which AI tools in journalism are really worth the hype?
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27 Mar 2023Why media need to learn how to swim in the AI waters
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17 Mar 2023Expert’s voice: The power of UX ethnographic research in a newsroom
13 Mar 2023Can digital media be faster than Twitter? How to cut time to publish by 70%
6 Mar 202313 numbers that show measurable results behind the improved publishing workflow
27 Feb 2023Design system in a media organisation: 10 questions you should ask at your next meeting
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23 Jan 2023Autentika takes the UX design world by Storm: wins nomination for UX Design Awards!
10 Jan 2023Nine lessons learned from working with newsrooms
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28 Nov 2022How can modern editorial software be your journalists' superpower?
23 Nov 2022Why should you invest in a design system when planning digital transformation?
7 Nov 2022Mapping Your Way to App Success: What You Need to Know About Mapplication Design
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29 Sep 2022DesignWays - winning the UX/UI conference proved our team's values right
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30 Aug 2022GoodPlace - we’ll find the best location for your business
6 Jul 2022How custom internet publishing and broadcasting software can help your media company grow
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1 Jun 2022What You Should Know About Big Data Management User Experience
31 May 20228 Benefits of Warehouse Management System (WMS) Interface Redesign
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30 May 20224 things you should know about User Experience in GIS
8 Apr 2022B2B Platforms – possibilities and issues from the perspective of a WellCommerce expert
16 Mar 2022What is the difference between B2B and B2C e-commerce design?
13 Feb 2022How to hand over a UX/UI design project and drive software developers into astonishment
10 Jan 2022"Chaos in the middle of the purchase path" - what influences customer decisions and how to put this knowledge into practice?
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13 Dec 202111 ways to optimise your website
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