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- Β· 100% remote

How is to work at Autentika?

😎 Authenticity at the coreNon-corporate atmosphere and culture based on honesty and transparency.
πŸ€— Caring approach and supportYou'll never walk alone facing challenges.
🌴️ 100% remoteIn 2005 we decided to be one of the pioneers of remote work, and we can't think of doing it differently.
✈️ Paid time off20 days of paid time off every year.
πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ English classesA, B, or C? No matter, you have a chance to improve sharpen your English skills.
🍾 Team retreatsOnce a year, somewhere in Poland, we meet each other and have fun!
πŸ’‘ Open-mindednessOur strength comes from people and their ideas, so we listen to the team carefully.
πŸŽ“ Knowledge sharingWeekly "TED-like" meetings broaden our designers and developers horizons.
⏰ Flexible working hoursThe first "hello" appears on Slack around 6 AM, and the last teammates join us even 5 hours later.
πŸ€ No overtime8h have passed. Bye, bye!
πŸ’» 50% equipment refundWe pay half of the price for the gear you need for work. And it stays yours forever.
What's going to happen in the recruitment process? First of all, you can expect a fast-paced run and our quick decision. If things go well, we will offer you a job within 7 days from receiving your CV.
Approach transparency imageCV Review
Once you send your application, we will review it in the next 3 working days. Make sure you clearly outline your skills and experience. If you're a developer, paste a link to your Github or Bitbucket. Being a designer, don't forget about your portfolio on Dribbble, Behance, or Figma.
Approach authenticity imageInitial phone call
This 30-minutes call is about your experience and motivation to join us. We present Autentika; you present yourself. We are also happy to answer all of your questions.
Approach confidentiality imageTechnical interview
One of our senior experts takes a deep dive into your skills and abilities. Get ready to talk about projects you worked on and challenges tackled there. The meeting shouldn't last longer than one hour.
Approach people First imageJob offer
The final decision is yours. However, we do our best to send you an offer that is hard to refuse.
More questions?
Feel free to contact us:jobs@autentika.com