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16 Apr 2024

Business apps and work tools – what's their future?

As Autentika, for nearly 20 years, we have specialized in UX design for business applications and work tools, including those supported by AI.

An observation we've made is that internal applications significantly lag behind external ones in some respects. Nevertheless, an increasing number of organizations recognize that intuitive, aesthetic, and user-friendly work tools constitute an investment in productivity, efficiency, and employee satisfaction.

Good UX can significantly shorten the time an employee spends on performing a task – which brings huge savings. Additionally, intuitive work tools lead to shorter onboarding and training for new employees, fewer errors (thus reducing the burden on the IT department), and greater employee satisfaction and engagement. Given the record-low engagement rates, this is no trivial matter.

With the intention of addressing the topic of work tools, business apps, and process optimization, we present our new trend book, "Work Tools of Tomorrow - Polish Edition."

We talk to people who are visionaries of the future of work tools and work in general, as well as practitioners who have gone from paper notes to the latest digital solutions.

Our aim is for this trend book to serve as an inspiration for all managers responsible for daily operations within organizations. We not only depict the current state but also envision the future, which is why we have dedicated ample space to AI technology.

This time, our publication is in Polish and is tailored to the Polish market but we have translated selected interviews:

Listening to users: How it's done at WorkTrips!

Work, future, and AI: The three realms ahead of us

Business apps: A geek's checklist

Efficient implementation of new processes: Overcoming overthinking

<ahref="https://autentika.com/blog/work-tools-build-in-house-or-buy-from-the-market" target="_blank">Work tools: Build in-house or buy from the market?

Dive in if you like!

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