Our own original website content management system

Hitso is a CMS which we have been developing since 2008. The system supports all the projects we create for our clients. At the end of 2015 we decided to change our technology to Symfony 3 and to completely redesign our administrator interface. The main challenges for the new system included:



it is difficult to guess what kind of project we will have to build “tomorrow”. The architecture and the rules regarding how all CMS components are joined together have to allow us to quickly put together an interface to manage any possible application.


considering the character of the interface we are actually designing a library of template elements (UI Kit), rather than a list of specific sub pages.


some of our clients are anxious about content management systems. They’ve had really bad experiences with this kind of software. A seemingly trivial assumption that things have to be simple becomes very important in such cases.
4 content edition

We don’t like WYSIWIG editors, that’s why we loved Medium at first sight. We had to get something like this as part of Hitso.
UI elements
hours of design work
modules made available
implementations of Hitso


We are grateful to the users of Hitso for their precious feedback, which set the direction for the new version.


By putting User Experience first, we kept aesthetics in mind.


See what the page you’re working on looks like live. No need to switch between tabs and refresh. A real live preview.


Thanks to the UI component library the programmer single-handedly creates interfaces to manage any CMS function.


See what your CMS could look like today.

Newest technologies
We based the system on Symfony 3 and React, the newest web application production technologies, which significantly increase their efficiency.
Unlimited possibilities
Thanks to efficient and scalable software: ElasticSearch, Sphinx and RabbitMQ.
Live content editing
Adding new content was never that simple, you see the final effects of your work immediately. WYSIWIG as you know it is now in the past.
Support for mobile devices
Mobile is the standard now, so the possibility to use the system on mobile devices is a must have.
Positioning tools
Advanced On Site SEO options are a standard within our system, which helps to position your sites better.
File Manager
A friendly File Manager gives you access to all files used within your system.
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