One of Poland’s biggest and oldest housing property developers

J.W. Construction has built more than 25 thousand apartments in the largest cities of Poland and abroad since 1993. In November 2016 they have launched their newest website with the purpose of supporting sales efforts and strengthening the desired image of a reliable and experienced property developer.


Presentation of the offer

The current sales offer always includes more than ten investments - housing projects, houses, apartments. Each investment is presented on a separate website which increased the cost and made it difficult to manage a coherent image in the long term. The new version was to unify the offer and present it in a way which will make it easier for the user to make their decision and reach representatives of the company.

Competitive advantage

The Polish housing market is composed of tens of small and big enterprises. Each of them supports their sales efforts through online activities. Potential buyers may find it difficult to evaluate the level of competence and the scale of the developer’s activity. The previous website did not sufficiently emphasise competitive advantages of JWC, therefore the goal to achieve with the new website is to strengthen the proper brand image.

Marketing + PR + Sales

Of course we do not buy real estate online, but today it is the channel which, aside from its marketing and PR potential, directly converts into sales. The project was to be the effect of cooperation between three different departments of JWC and all tasks had to be performed in a way which would suit their business requirements. The concept of the website is the product of an extensive analysis of tens of Polish and international construction companies and our experience in building sales offer sites.


The concept of this web page is the result of an analysis of thousands of Polish and international rival companies combined with our experience in building sales offer websites.


3D visualisations of investments in the foreground are accompanied by a light design, simple in form.


The engine of the website brings numerous advantages supporting quick and effective management of the developer’s offer.

Fully controlled synchronization
In order to maintain coherence and ease of use, we decided to integrate Pivotal CRM into the project. Autosynchronisation guarantees that information on the site is up to date and the administrator has the freedom to chose the content.
User history
Enquiries include information on which subpages the user visited. It helps to learn about their requirements before even speaking to them for the first time.
Personalization through location
Content of the website is adapted to the location of the user, so they are presented with personalised content and their focus is directed towards the appropriate elements of the offer.
Real time conversion
Conversion of pdf files (apartment plans) into jpg files takes place in real time on the browser side at the moment when the site is visited. Jpg files are not stored on the server, which makes the website more efficient.
“It might seem otherwise, but it is not easy to find a software house, which combines high level of technological competences and great care for the design side of a project. Autentika provided us with great quality throughout the process and their abilities and self reliance allowed for the project to be delivered smoothly. We plan to join our efforts again in further projects.”
Tomasz Furtak, Marketing Specialist
Sławomir Wójcik, Business Developer

Sławomir Wójcik

Business Developer

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