An internal communication system for employees of the ŻYWIEC GROUP

ŻYWIEC GROUP is a leading beer manufacturer in Poland. The company was looking for a partner to build a social platform which would support communication between thousands of employees spread about Poland. Some of the challenges we had to face:


Taking down the silos

the basic assumption of the project was to minimize the so called silos, which means making horizontal communication between departments and field units more efficient.

A life by the side of the intranet

Żywiec Group, as part of Heineken Group, had a fully functioning intranet in place. The new tool had to fit the IT ecosystem of the company well.

Start with a “blank page”

to respond well to the requirements of employees and to create a group of project ambassadors, we had to gather requirements for the project during workshops with representatives of different departments within the company.


due to the character of work in the sales department, it was very important to prepare a responsive interface and make it available for mobile devices.


We focused on 3 basic groups:

Ewa, 27 y.o.
Ewa, 27 y.o.
Junior Brand Manager
Creative and responsible
She works at headquarters and spends most of her day at her computer. She is an avid internet user so the new platform will supplement her daily working environment.
Her expectations of the system:
  • Has to assist her communication requirements
  • Be a source of information of the company’s results
  • Quicker exchange of information and content
  • Active participation in the life of the company
Michał, 36 y.o.
Michał, 36 y.o.
Account Manager
A busy networker
His car and the shops he visits are his workplace. He has no time to use a computer, most of his work is done with a smartphone.
His expectations of the system:
  • A suitable interface
  • Be a source of professional knowledge
  • Entertainment and contests
Jan, 58 y.o.
Jan, 58 y.o.
Production worker
Inexperienced user
He works at one of the local breweries, far away from all the decision makers. He can only use the system after work, usually with the help of his 12 y.o. grandson.
His expectations of the system:
  • A simple interface
  • Clear terms of use
  • Interesting information about the life of the company
  • Ability to share passions
  • Entertainment and contests


A series of workshops with dozens of ŻYWIEC GROUP employees allowed us to fine-tune the functionality of this system.


Using elements of ŻYWIEC GROUP corporate identity we have designed a light, neutral interface.


Immodestly, we argue that przyPiwie is an completely unique project in its category.

Main source of information
The main element of this application is the activity board, the concept which is drawn from the most popular social platforms.
Unlimited formats
The content adding panel allows for publishing of different kinds of messages: text, photos, videos, opinion polls and files.
It’s all one click away
All of the most important elements are within the user’s reach: navigation, search engine, notifications and the inbox.
Freedom of communication
Some content is published in English. In order to allow everyone to access the information we implemented a Google translate module, which provides simple automated translations.

2x Szpalta Roku Award

Content Marketing Strategy. Content marketing campaign for employees.
“We brought Autentika quite a challenge and a general set of goals. They helped us to come up with a solution, which they later developed and implemented. I’m glad we’re working together on making!”
Magdalena Brzezińska, Senior Corporate Relations Manager
Sławomir Wójcik, Business Developer

Sławomir Wójcik

Business Developer

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